Danielle Rayo

Founder & Director

Danielle Rayo brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as Founder and Director of Competitive Advantage Tutoring. She received her degree in Education and Communication Studies, graduating magna cum laude from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, at New York University. She continued her studies at NYU, receiving her Masters of Education and dual-certification in Special Education, and graduated at the top of her class. Danielle received her New York Teaching Certification in Early Childhood and Special Education. Based on her academic performance and teaching abilities, Danielle was selected by Phi Lambda Theta, (International Honors Society and Professional Association in Education) and became an honorary member. She is also a member of the NAEYC (National Association for Educating Young Children).

Danielle brings to Competitive Advantage Tutoring over a decade of experience. Her background is inclusive of nearly all age groups, spanning a wide variety of subjects. Prior to launching Competitive Advantage Tutoring, Danielle worked at three prestigious New York-based educational companies, where she gained valuable experience. Her passion for education, combined with the success of her students, inspired Danielle to launch an independent educational consulting company of her own. Nothing brings Danielle more joy than empowering her students to reach their personal and academic goals.

In her moments of spare time Danielle enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, writing, and is currently working on a book to assist students with their study skills. She is also a published poet.

Ludwig Suarez

Ludwig Suarez is an educator whose experiences are the basis for his true dedication to education. Graduating from Columbia University and attaining a B.A. in economics, his successes are illuminated through the contrast with the challenges that he had to overcome. Ludwig had to find within himself the determination, discipline, and resiliency that it would take to help him reach Columbia’s campus. There, his exposure to the Columbia Core, which challenged him to develop in so many facets of his life, affirmed the reformative potential of education. Motivated by this appreciation, Ludwig has taken every opportunity available since to further refine his understanding of the educational process, working as an educator with the Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning and Social Change, as well as collaborating with educators from Chicago’s Hope Academy and the Double Discovery Center at Columbia University. He hopes to one day work towards affording others greater accessibility to the amazing education and consequent opportunities to flourish as a person that were afforded to him.

Currently, when he’s not helping students with Competitive Advantage, or tutoring in economics courses with Columbia’s athletics department, Ludwig is working towards a lifelong aspiration to be a professional athlete. Driven by the opportunity to be a testament to the efficacy of the principles that have guided him thus far in the realization of any goal, he relentlessly pursues his dream hoping to ultimately inspire others to be unwavering in the pursuit of theirs.

Chloe Meng

Chloe Meng has almost a decade of experience in teaching and tutoring mathematics. Chloe graduated Magna Cum Laude and double majored in Mathematics and Economics. At university, she tutored students in calculus, linear algebra, macroeconomics, and game theory. In addition to one-on-one tutoring, she also worked as a teaching assistant, where she gained experience in leading group study sessions. Chloe further pursued and received a master’s degree in Mathematics at New York University. While attending NYU, she worked as an undergraduate grader and tutored students ranging from elementary to high school-level.

Chloe has always been passionate about tutoring mathematics, which shows through her studies and experience.  She believes in her students and is eager to help them learn. Additionally, Chloe is incredibly patient and encouraging while teaching challenging concepts.

In her spare time, Chloe loves researching and learning technologies, attending hackathons and tech meetups.

Rebecca Mitchell

Rebecca graduated from NYU with a Master’s degree in Early Childhood General & Special Education and currently teaches at a Manhattan public school. She has experience teaching all ages but specializes in students early childhood education. Rebecca is a certified teacher in New York State, and has been working in Manhattan teaching elementary eduction in the classroom. In addition to teaching in the classroom, she has been working with Competitive Advantage for over three years and looks forward to continuing to help students achieve their academic goals.

Rebecca is a firm believer that students learn best in different ways, and Rebecca’s success as an Educator comes from her ability to incorporate various learning styles and modify lessons based on a student’s strengths. She loves building a rapport with students and keeping sessions engaging, fun, and educational.

In her free time, Rebecca enjoys dancing, and she often spends her summer months teaching dance and choreographing.

Danielle Baum

Danielle is currently a PhD student at Columbia where she conducts autoimmune disease research using stem cells. Prior to starting her PhD, Danielle worked at both Memorial Sloan Kettering and Harvard Medical School after graduating from NYU with a B.S. in nutritional biochemistry and chemistry. She comes to us with over ten years of teaching experience, ranging from the classroom to private one to one tutoring. Throughout college, Danielle participated in America Reads/Counts where she taught math and science to school aged children ranging from elementary through high school.

Currently, in addition to private tutoring, Danielle volunteers with several mentorship programs within the New York Academy of Sciences, teaching middle school students about the scientific process, as well as guiding international women in STEM through the college admission process. Danielle also comes to us with experience teaching students with learning disabilities including autism and ADHD.

When Danielle’s not in the lab, she loves singing, dancing and trying any and all types of international cuisine.

Laureen Chan

Laureen is studying biochemistry at Hunter College and pursuing her thesis research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. A graduate of Stuyvesant High School, Laureen understands how to survive and thrive in a competitive atmosphere, especially where standardized exams are concerned. She had nearly a perfect score on her own SAT exams and scored above a 90th percentile on her MCAT.

She has also effectively tutored students in science, math, and SAT/ACT test preparation for several years now. She loves working with students in middle and high school.

In her free time, Laureen likes to play the piano, and try new activities–like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!