What we accomplish during a 60-minute session:


Academic Support

  • One-to-one support with a certified teacher to help your child better understand school material
  • Conduct a deeper dive of any concepts that are challenging for your child
  • Complement and enhance academic content to build confidence in the classroom

Competitive Advantage offers support for academics as well as standardized exams. Our goal is to help ease some of the stress and anxiety parents feel when it comes to enrichment for their children. We help with everything from general homework support to raising standardized exam scores.

Exam Preparation:

  • Discuss strategies for each exam section including: reading comprehension, mathematics achievement, quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, and essay writing
  • Evaluate student’s performance across various metrics and review or administer diagnostic materials
  • Develop strengths and areas for improvement list for each section of the exam
  • Create a strategic course of action for additional support

93% of our students have been admitted into one of their top three choice schools. We have helped hundreds of students throughout NYC (in-person) and across the world remotely.