What we accomplish during a 45-minute session:

Interview Preparation

  • Design an interview plan
  • Conduct a mock interview customized for your child
  • Discuss your child’s performance across various metrics
  • Review strengths and areas for improvement

Interviews are an important component of the application process. In our experience, they can be just as valuable as test scores. Interviews provide insight into who your child is as a person and if they will be a good fit within a specific academic environment. If done efficiently, interviews shed light on your child’s academic history, skills, and personality. Students are expected to be comfortable and confident during this process.

Application Assistance

  • Revise the application for grammar, structure, and punctuation
  • Discuss your child’s performance across various metrics
  • Create strengths and areas for improvement chart for each application question
  • Discuss how to highlight child in the best possible light to an admissions committee

Applications are a filter for the admissions process. Even if your child has a perfect test score, admissions committees often allow for only a small margin of error. This is why it is so crucial to submit a perfect application to ensure your child has the highest possible chance for admittance. Our team of Educators can help market your child in the best light possible to gain entrance to top schools. We can help craft applications that compellingly convey your child’s successes with academics, extracurriculars, and represent their unique personality. 

*Please note, our Educator can provide feedback on up to two applications per session (including short answer questions and full essays).